With a true passion to learn and be inspired by everyone she meets, Lisa works with natural light to capture images that evoke strong responses from viewers.  

A brief look at her adventurous portfolio, and it's easy to see exactly what kind of challenges Lisa is up for.

Originally from Wisconsin, Lisa made her way West to plant herself in the scenic Black Hills.  Expanding her company and exploring the scenic hills allows Lisa to keep exploring, growing, and keeping her friends and family in the focal point.

With Lisa Buntrock Photography, you can rest assured knowing that regardless of how life changes, you'll have a photographer that's up for the adventure.  A day on the slopes, a growing family, or a new partner; if it's something you want to remember, Lisa will make sure you're memories are captured for a lifetime. With experience from the Rockies to the reception, Lisa has captured so many facets of the amazing journey we call life.  Partnering with photography studios throughout the country, Lisa's experience ranges from the adventurous, to the product line, to the family portrait.

If you're looking for a photographer with a sense of direction, a passion for adventure, and a zest for life, consider getting in touch with Lisa Buntrock Photography.